buckley vann

Here’s another of those questions we get asked every week – “Will cafés use custom paper cups with my brand on them?”

Absolutely there are opportunities for you to approach cafes in your target area and have them use your custom printed coffee cups.  We have customers like real estate agents, mortgage brokers, car dealerships, gyms, etc. who do that all the time.

It’s often a win-win for all concerned – you get to put your brand in potential customers hands using the custom paper cups and the café gets their takeaway coffee cups for free (or at least at a discount – depending on what you agree on).

Here’s some tips if you’re thinking about doing this yourself:

  1. Check with your targeted cafes what cup sizes they currently use
  2. Check what type of promotional coffee cups they are happy to use – single wall or double wall
  3. Find out how many paper cups of the different sizes they use in a week/month. This will allow you to work out how many cups you will need and how long you’ll be able to run your campaign for.
  4. Ask the café if they’d like to do a ‘co-branded’ cup with you in exchange for helping cover some of the costs.

Hope that helps!