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Whether you are a business owner, a marketer, or an events organiser, you need to make sure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently down to the last detail. This means making sure you’ve got all your bases are covered—from ensuring that the venue is top-notch, the music is keeping the energy of the crowd high, the food being catered is delicious, and the beverage being served are keeping guests happy.

An increasingly popular way of ensuring you keep the crowds happy and keep them coming in your direct at an event is to offer barista made coffee.

Why Barista Made Coffee?
Australians love their coffee. Having great barista made coffee served at your local event is an extra touch that will be appreciated and will greatly improve the experience of your guests.

Here are some of the reasons why providing barista made coffee at your event will be a great way to get many people to come to you:

1. It wakes people up.
Early events such as breakfast meetings will cause people to look for something to wake them up. Coffee in the afternoon is important, too. People will be looking for an energy buzz to liven things up, especially after a heavy lunch.  Having coffee served at these times will keep people alert, and will prevent them from tuning you out during a product presentation.

2. But… it also relaxes them.
During exhibitions and conventions, attendees will be on their feet for long periods of time. Having a mobile coffee station and a barista on hand to serve coffee will attract crowds and will make attendees stay a little bit longer on your booth.  While attendees wait for their coffee to be brewed and served, this can be the perfect opportunity to interact with them and introduce your business. Go the extra mile by providing a dedicated area where they can freely sit to enjoy their coffee.

3. It makes them stay.
Almost everyone is on the lookout for a great cup of coffee, no matter where they are. To prevent guests from wandering off elsewhere to look for coffee, you need to be already serving it at your event even before it officially starts.  This will serve as additional incentive for your guests to wait around and linger for much longer so that they can find out more about your business and what you are promoting in your event.

4. Outsource Your Coffee Needs to the Right Vendor
In order to ensure a successful event, you need to partner with the right vendors. For example, if you are going to hire a mobile coffee bar for your event, make sure that the coffee caterer provides great service and great quality.

If you are the one in charge of planning, make sure to include coffee in the menu. Take it one step further by branding the coffee bar and the takeaway coffee cups with your logo, company motto, or event hashtag. This improves brand recognition, and guests will remember you long after they have left your event.