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Unfortunately, organizing a corporate event, a product launch, or a conference can be time-consuming. The fact of the matter is you can’t do everything on your own and you will need a lot of help. If you’re already burdened with a lot of event planning tasks, it’s time to look to technology for a solution. Not only does technology make managing events so much easier, it can also provide a better overall experience for your guests, too.

I’ve personally been to a couple of different events that they used a fantastic app at called ‘Whova’ and I wanted to share my thoughts on what it added to the conferences.

Whova is an event organizing mobile app that provides lots of benefits to both organizers and attendees. It saves time and effort on the part of the organizer, and provides plenty of opportunities for the attendee to network with other people.

Whova is Great for Events Networking
One of the main reasons why people attend corporate events is to mingle and network with other people within the same industry. However, there are many problems experienced by guests during a corporate event, such as difficulty in navigating the schedule and venue of each sessions, as well as difficulty in networking with other attendees given the limited amount of time. Attendees also experience difficulties reaching out and keeping in touch with colleagues after the event ends.

Whova solves these difficulties by coming up with a great mobile app for events networking. Its in-app messaging feature allows invited guests to connect with each other even before the actual event.

Another outstanding feature is its business card scanning functionality, which makes the transfer of contact information quick, simple, and effortless. No need to fumble for a pen and paper. Just scan the card on your mobile phone, and your precious contact’s info will be successfully stored.

Whova’s SmartProfiles Technology
Whova users can also customize the app and plan their experience so they can maximize every opportunity. They can check real-time schedules and attend the right sessions and panels, as well as meet the right kind of people.

The SmartProfiles function allows attendees to check out the bios and social media pages of speakers and fellow attendees so they can pre-determine which will serve as useful business contacts, and set up meetings with them. Users also get to share their thoughts about your event, which will help you improve so you can put up better events in the future.

No internet connection? Not a problem! Whova has an offline capability that allows you to review the agenda or logistics for the day; just make sure to download the information prior to the start of the event.

Final Word
If done correctly, a successful corporate event can position your company as a force to reckon with and positions you as an authority in the field. If done badly, a corporate event can destroy your company’s reputation and undermine confidence in your capability to run the business.

Using Whova will help you organize your event, allowing you to focus on the more pressing tasks at hand—such as your presentation. It saves you a lot of time and effort when it comes to communicating with guests, while at the same time providing them with a great conference experience that allows them to far more easily network between themselves.

I give it a five star rating!

Review:  WHOVA - Events Networking App
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Review: WHOVA - Events Networking App
Whova is an events networking app that provides lots of benefits to both organizers and attendees. It saves time and effort on the part of the organizer.
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