12 oz ANZ

A question we are asked at least ten times a week is, “What size disposable coffee cups should I use for my event?”

It’s a fair question because these days paper coffee cups come in all sorts of sizes.  Every café typically has 2-3 sizes but which one should you choose for your event?

I can’t choose for you, but I can tell you that 90% of our event customers use 8oz cups.  There’s a couple of reasons for this:


  1. It costs you less in coffee and milk to be providing 8oz cups rather than the larger 12oz and 16oz versions.
  2. Any cup size smaller than 8oz won’t give you the desired impact from a branding perspective,
  3. 8oz cups cost less to get printed and manufactured than 12oz and 16oz cups.

Always check with the barista you’re using for your event but based on our experience – 8oz disposable coffee cups are typically the best size to use.

Also we recommend double wall paper cups as opposed to single wall takeaway coffee cups for events as well as we know there are a number of venues that require the cups to have the added insulation of a double wall cup from a health and safety perspective.

Hope that helps!