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We’re asked all the time by customers if we can do them up some printed coffee cups – which is a good thing because that’s the business we’re in the business of custom coffee cups!

One of our first questions for the customer is, ‘what size would you like?’ The answer is invariably – ‘just the regular size’. Which you think would be pretty straight forward to determine – but it ain’t.

The three most popular paper cup sizes across Australia are typically – 8oz, 12oz and 16oz – but unfortunately what’s deemed ‘regular’ in one café may be completely different to the café right next door.

Some cafe’s will have small (8oz – 24oml), regular (12oz – 360ml) and large (16oz – 480ml) but other cafe’s will offer regular (8oz), large (12oz) and extra-large (16oz). Which one you’ll know ‘regular’ as will often come down to what you’re used to in your regular café spots.

To help you out a little bit more we’ve but together the industry dimensions of the 8oz, 12oz and 16oz cups.

  • 8ozA cups – 80mm top diameter x 92mm height
  • 8ozB cups – 90mm top diameter x 85mm height
  • 12oz cups – 90mm top diameter x 112mm height
  • 16oz cups – 90mm top diameter x 137mm height

Hang on! What’s this 8ozA and 8ozB? Just to confuse things a little, you can get two sizes of the 8oz cup. The 8ozB was introduced a few years ago. It is 7mm shorter than the 8ozA but has the same 90mm top diameter as the 12oz and 16oz cups which makes it possible to use the same lid across the 8ozB, 12oz and 16oz cups. More on that in another article though.

Hope this has helped you work out what size your ‘regular’ coffee comes in!

If you need any assistance with coffee cup designs – please just ask.