Ever been stuck for design ideas?  Having trouble thinking of a design that will capture your audience and represent your brand appropriately?

We have customers all the time that are sometimes stuck for original ideas on what design to put forward for their cups.  Having a great design will always hep you stand out from the crowd and help your marketing and branding cut through what can be a crowded market place.

We’ve put together some great pictures in the video below of what we consider to be an amazing range of world class paper cup designs.

Check out all the different colours and styles of design that have been put together.  Remember that this design on the paper coffee cups will be sitting in the hands of your customer for atleast 10-15mins and the better the design the more likely they are going to be to check it out and show others.

Too often we find customers that customers rush through the process of their design and end up with a design that lacks a lot of impact, when they could be spending more time working on a great design that is going to stand out to their audience.

Hopefully the cup designs in the video above might inspire a great paper cup design of your own!