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Here’s some handy hints we’ve put together for you based on our experience in working with events and mobile baristas for many years.

  1. Make it count! Use the opportunity of getting the barista and their service in as a way to promote your brand using some different mediums. It can be really simple.  Here’s some basics – branded coffee cups (of course), a poster on the front of the cart, and a T-Shirt or cap for the barista to wear.  Suddenly, you’ve taken the service from simple hospitality to a great branding exercise.
  2. Promote what you’re offering.  Get something written up that your customers can see so they know what is being offered. Some of your guests may not want coffee, so make sure your supplier provides choices such as a range of teas, hot chocolates, chai lattes, decaf and don’t forget to check if they offer lite milk and soy milk options.
  3. Get them in early.  Check that your barista will be arriving at least 45 minutes prior to service time as they will need to allow for locating the position and 20 minutes to heat up the coffee machine.
  4. Make it easy for them to get in.  To make access to your venue a smooth process, ensure your barista has an onsite contact to meet them, give them a mobile contact number and inform any building security people of their pending arrival.
  5. Location.  Location.  Location.  Work out ahead of time where you want the coffee cart located and make sure it is within easy access to a power point to plug in the coffee machine, ideally not where the cable will need to be taped across walkways.
  6. Let them know what’s happening.  Let your supplier know if the actual coffee service time is going to be cut short by speeches or breaks where the grinder cannot be operating due to noise. This may mean you need an extra barista to get the coffees out quicker so no one misses out on their fix!

If you’re looking for a great barista service in your local area, we’ve put together a list of mobile barista services that we recommend around Australia.

Hope that helps!