Custom Coffee Cup Happy Event

For some people, coffee isn’t just a beverage.

It’s a necessary component of their day: the way they get moving in the morning, a ritual that adds a bounce to their step, a sense of peace that makes them feel as though everything is going right.

People get truly rabid about ensuring that they have their coffee in the mornings, and many of them don’t feel quite right until it’s in their hands.

What if you could borrow those feelings for your brand?

By using coffee in your next event, you can create an incredible effect on your potential customers. Coffee has power–and it’s power that can be in your hands. While you can’t guarantee that everyone who picks up one of your takeaway paper cups will immediately become your next customer, there are some incredible benefits to using coffee to enhance your marketing campaign.

 1. Associate positive feelings with your brand.

Coffee drinkers tend to be serious about their coffee. It’s not a passive like, especially if you’re serving it first thing in the morning or at an event where people might need an extra boost to stay awake. When you combine your brand or logo with their coffee (on a great looking custom printed coffee cup), people subconsciously pass those positive feelings on to your brand, as well. You provided them with coffee? That means that you’ve got something going for you!

2. Convey plenty of information.

You can put a lot of information about your company on a branded paper cup, and people who are standing around slowly savoring a cup of coffee often have time to read it. Whether they’re waiting on the next speaker to start or simply examining the cup while it’s in their hands, you can use the opportunity to:

  • Share your brand’s story
  • Promote unique products
  • Describe positive impacts that your brand has been able to make on the community
  • Share more about why people should consider your brand

That coffee cup can become a powerful marketing tool that tells any story that you like–and in coffee drinkers, you have a captive audience who are unlikely to put the cup down until they’ve managed to consume their caffeine.

3. Make yourself memorable.

Everyone appreciates the person who brings the coffee to an event. This is especially true if you’re at a trade show or other event where coffee might not be as widely available. The individual offering the free drinks is the one that many visitors will remember long after the event is over. If you have the opportunity to attend an event where everyone is handing out swag, your disposable paper cups may end up being the most memorable item at the event. It’s useful, it’s helpful, and it’s the item that many people find most desirable at any given event. Who needs a swag bag when you can offer coffee?

4. Bring in interested parties.

When your table or stall has the coffee, it’s the place where people most want to congregate. In fact, you may find that you have such a crowd that you have trouble keeping up with them all! Coffee draws people in, often bringing them back for a second visit before they’re ready to leave the event. You’ll have a chance to meet people, talk with them, and sell them on the advantages of your brand in person, developing relationships that will lead to later sales.

Mixing coffee with your advertising medium isn’t just a cute fad. It’s a stroke of marketing genius. Looking for the perfect cups to hold the coffee at your next event so that you can tell everyone about your brand, your business, and your passion?

Contact us today to design the perfect cup for your brand or to learn more about the fascinating benefits of providing coffee in your own branded paper cups at your next event.