guided surgery platformsSince 1989, Brainlab has been dedicated to innovation and best practice in the fields of surgery, radiotherapy and medical image sharing.  Brainlab makes medical technology and medical knowledge more impactful and accessible to physicians and their patients all around the world, harnessing innovation to improve patient treatment planning, surgical navigation and enable more effective use of medical data and physician collaboration.

IMG20160915172634 1 e1475908841771We were fortunate enough to work with Brainlab recently and got to spend some time with Sheena Mulani, Marketing Associate from Brainlab Asia Pacific to understand more about what they do and why they needed custom paper cups for their events.

What is the overall objective of the campaign/event that the cups were used for?

Sheena:  The cups were produced for brand awareness at the large medical device and software congresses that we attend throughout the Asia Pacific region.


What other advertising mediums have you used as part of the campaign/event?

Sheena: Our main medium at a congress is our booth which is designed and built to our brand specifications. Often times, we bring our medical systems or computers with our software to shows for hands-on demonstrations.

On a smaller level, we have printed and digital product brochures and flyers that can be either emailed or handed out to customers at the congress. At some congresses, Brainlab sponsors association advertising opportunities such as lunch vouchers, print program advertisements, banners or even running events.

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Why and how were your branded paper cups used as part of the overall campaign/event?

Sheena:  The cups were used to provide coffee and water to show attendees that visited the Brainlab booths. Not only did the cups keep consistent branding efforts throughout our booth but also increased awareness of the Brainlab presence at the congress when attendees walked around the exhibit hall holding one of our custom paper cups.


Brainlab Buzz Digital ORBased on your experience, what sort of businesses would you recommend might benefit from branded paper cups?

Sheena:  Any company that is consumer facing would benefit from the branded paper cups. It is an easy and simple way to advertise and raise awareness of a brand – particularly at events.


We’ve worked with Brainlab on a few different occasions now and look forward to doing so again in future.