3d Tv may come back without glasses We’re now offering a three dimensional (3D) imaging service to our customers to help them visualise what their custom paper cups might look like without them even committing to getting the cups made.  You’ll see what each side of the cups look like.

Our customers that have already used this service have all been thrilled at how much easier it was to then convince their boss, their client, their business partner or even themselves of what their disposable coffee cups would look like once printed?

For just $45+GST you can check out what your design will look like before you even ordered them!

All you need to do is email us your design, logo and background colour and we’ll put together a 3D mockup of the cup together for you.  Alternatively we can send you through our artwork templates and we can base the 3D mockup of the takeaway coffee cups off the design you upload in to the template.

The best part – if you end up ordering some custom cups – we’ll take the cost of the 3D imaging off the price of your order.  That means you get the 3D imaging done for FREE!

Contact us today and we can get straight on to getting a 3D mockup of your own custom cup completed.

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