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In a world of digital marketing, point and click buying, and all things cyberspace, it easy to forget that the best promotional tools – like printed paper cups – are often the simplest. Perhaps we are most often reminded of this when attending job fairs, events, and trade shows, where T-shirts, pens, and other trinkets imprinted with corporate names, are freely handed out to eager visitors.  As event-goers circulate however, they collect more and more promotional items, and place them in their bag of goodies, where they will likely remain throughout the day. Some of these items may eventually be used, while others may never see daylight again. Even a T-shirt may get tossed to the back of the closet, perhaps surfacing once in a while to be worn while cleaning the house or lounging on the sofa, defeating the purpose entirely. Promotional paper cups will have a completely different impact on your guests.

Obviously, our branded coffee cups will never be shoved to the bottom of a goodie bag with every other gadget collected at the event. Visitors will happily accept a cup of coffee to accompany them while they circulate, and each sip will put them in contact with your brand. As the warm coffee puts a smile on their face, they will associate the feeling of comfort and satisfaction with the name on the cup, and remember your entity long after the coffee is gone.

cafe image 3As visitors stroll through the event, your advertisement becomes mobile. Each of the disposable paper cups is a mini, mobile billboard, reaching people with whom you may not have otherwise made contact. In fact, folks are often inclined to grab one last cup of coffee ‘for the road’, before making their way out of an event, thereby bringing your branding with them even deeper into the public eye.

People will be lining up for your coffee and it will be handed out in that high impact promotional paper cup that can’t be missed by the customer. All you need to do is pour the coffee, and others will do the work for you. As they run into others, more folks are apt to ask where they got their coffee, and even more traffic will be directed your way.

Because it takes 15-20 minutes to finish a cup of coffee, that many more eyes will be directed toward it. Each time the branded paper cup is brought to a consumer’s mouth for another savory sip, your brand will be at eye level, continuing to promote your logo and becoming further embedded in the customer’s mind. As a mobile billboard, 15-20 minutes is a good amount of time to travel throughout the event and be seen by numerous people. The fresh aroma, the delicious taste, and the warmth emitted by the coffee itself, will all become one with your brand, promoting a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Unlike other items collected at the event that may never be seen again, your customised paper cup will serve an immediate purpose, and be viewed in a variety of locations, by a number of people, throughout the day.

If you are looking for the perfect promotional tool for your next event, contact us for more information, and a rapid quote. We will be happy to help you create the coffee cup design to suit your needs. After all, your business is our business.