Preparation and planning ahead 1

Based on our experience last year, and every other year before that one – we know we’re going to have customers who contact us way too late to be able to deliver their disposable coffee cups for them in time.

We HATE having to turn customers away but sometimes we just don’t have any other option because we can’t get the artwork completed, cups printed, manufactured and delivered in just a day or two.

To ensure you ALWAYS get your cups on time, and avoid any rush fees – contact us at least two weeks before you need the cups so we can ensure that we get the artwork ready and the cups printed and manufactured for you in plenty of time. This will give you ample time. As a minimum we like to work on 7-10 working days from the time artwork is finalised.

I know it is sometimes hard to predict what requests are going to come your way from clients and managers but where you can – have a think about what events you’ve got coming up and what you might need and request a quote from us today for them.

Let us know when your events are and we can even schedule a reminder email in for you as they get closer to check if you still want to get the cups.

Hope that helps.