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Korea is an amazing country with incredibly friendly people.  There are a lot of amazing things that come out of Korea –  they have the fastest internet connection in the world, the largest IKEA in the world and of course they brought us ‘Gangnam Style’!  Takeaway coffee cups with lips, however, in my opinion, is definitely one of their more weird efforts – and not their best.

Yep – they’ve put lips on the tops of the lids so that when want a drink, you find yourself pashing a piece of plastic.

I’m a big believer in simplicity and minimalism.  For me, a coffee cup lid serves a purpose and most times is elegantly simple.  Provided it functions well and looks great – I’m not looking for too much more from my paper cup lids.

It’s definitely quirky but I’d rather let the cup design do the ‘talking’.

For those that are now intrigued by what they could make a cup lid in to for their next promotion, unfortunately the minimum quantity orders are in the hundreds of thousands.  We thought we better check that out for all those creative types out there!

What do you think?  Could you see yourself locking lips with these lids?



Paper Cup Lids with Lips!
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Paper Cup Lids with Lips!
In Korea they've come up with some very different designs for their paper coffee cups lids.  Check out this article to learn more.
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Tess Cliff
09:55 07 Mar 19
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StudentOne Marketing-Team
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super fast and friendly service plus a great product. One more happy customer here!
Consult Australia
03:45 07 Mar 19
Very happy with the service that MyPaperCups provided. The cups were produced on time and delivered in a prompt time
Denzil H
04:09 28 Feb 19
Absolutely amazing service. Trouble free, safe, easy and friendly - i would recommend these guys every time. Very competitive, but also great quality products. Fast delivery and turn-around time. Don't waste your time or money with anyone else! :) Go MyPaperCups :)
Ahmad Ghaddar
07:05 27 Feb 19
Great service and on time. thank you for your help on a very short notice.
Arif Ongu
06:01 10 Dec 18
Excellent service. We we ordered the cups at the last minute and in spite of several changes we requested they arrived earlier than expected. Very happy.

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