10 Tips for Designing Your Own Coffee Cup Artwork

There’s a number of things that are important to take into consideration when pulling together a design for your very own run of custom paper cups.

  1. Brand Identity: Ensure that the artwork for the coffee cup design is consistent with the brand’s identity and style guide, using the appropriate colours, typography, and imagery.
  2. Space: Consider the limited space available on the cup, and design the artwork to fit within the printing area.
  3. Print Method: Choose the right print method, such as flexographic or digital printing, and ensure that the artwork is optimised for that method.
  4. Colour: Specify the colours to be used in the coffee cup design, and ensure that they are consistent with the brand’s colour palette.
  5. Resolution: Provide high-resolution artwork to ensure that the details and text are clear and legible when printed on the coffee cup.
  6. Bleed Area: Consider the bleed area, or the area that extends beyond the edge of the printing area, and ensure that the artwork for the takeaway coffee cup designs do not include any important elements in that area.
  7. Contrast: Ensure that the artwork has sufficient contrast between the background and the text or images, making it easy to read and recognise.
  8. Legibility: Make sure that the text is legible and large enough to be easily read by the customer, especially if the cup is being used as an advertising medium.
  9. Simplicity: Keep the cup designs as simple and uncluttered, with a focus on the key message and the brand’s identity.
  10. Format: Provide the artwork in the required format, such as AI, EPS, or PDF, and ensure that all fonts and images are included.
    If you’d like any assistance with your cup design at all please just ask.

If you’d like any assistance with your cup design at all please just ask.