Have you seen this ad from Hungry Jacks?  The ad is all about them launching a new 100% Arabica Bean coffee from their outlets.

As part of the ad they specifically needed some printed takeaway coffee cups with Hungry Jacks logo on them to serve the coffee in, they needed them to look high quality, and… they needed them in a hurry – so they came to us!

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They had a great idea for a marketing campaign and set up a cleverly disguised pop-up café on Enmore Rd in Sydney to introduce customers to the fact that they are now offering coffee at their outlets.  They placed hidden cameras in the pop-up café to record customers coming in and trying the coffee . Upon getting and trying the coffee they got the customers to take the coffee sleeves off the cups and recorded the opinion of those customers that had tried the coffee when they found out it was from Hungry Jacks.

Screenshot 2016 07 17 11.57.27We spoke to Tin Pang from Clemenger BBDO in Sydney who looked after the ad on Hungry Jacks behalf and and they were very excited about how the whole campaign came together.

“For the commercial, we set up an experiment to hide the Hungry Jack’s logo on the cup. We asked MyPaperCups to create and print custom paper cups for this purpose, and then hid the logo by slipping a cardboard sleeve over the cups. Our customers then were served coffee in these cups, unaware that the coffee was form Hungry Jack’s. They loved it when they discovered where their caffeine hit came from. They also loved the coffee too!”

If you watch closely in the recording (which is longer than the one you’ll see on TV) you’ll even see the MyPaperCups box that the branded paper cups were delivered in on the floor of the café during the setup period.

Many thanks to Hungry Jacks and Clemenger BBDO for their support.  You guys were great to work with and best of luck to you with your new coffee offering!


Haley Roberts
Amazing service. From start to finish and even follow up on delivery by the sales Manager. Thanks so much for making the process effortless.
Stephanie Kazacos
Great service and products.
George Carmody
Thanks to Vicky and the team for great service and a fantastic product from the team at Sisterelleas
Damian Corney
Great service _ we love our cups!
Heather Rogers
Fantastic service, all the way through the process and Vicki went above and beyond to ensure our cups would be environmentally acceptable at all venues. Highly recommended and thanks to Robie for his awesome speedy work too😃😄
Rory Ke
Great service from start to finish! Product looked awesome


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