Paper Cups

This article comes off the back of some feedback we recently got from a customer that had used a different supplier and ended up ordering the wrong type and size takeaway coffee cups for an event that they were supplying coffee at.

The customer ended up using a paper cup that was bigger than they needed and cups whose walls were too thin. As a result, the customer ended up having to shell out more money for the additional coffee and milk used to supply 5,000 cups of coffee and ended up ‘double cupping’ most of the drinks because their paper cup walls were too thin and burning their customers’ hands. Nobody wants to go through this experience.

Based on our experience of every single day working with events and campaign managers across Australia – 95% of customers used 8oz double wall paper cups.

Here’s why double wall 8oz paper cups are what we recommend for events/campaigns:

  1. They are the most common ‘standard’ size
  2. They aren’t going to cost you extra in coffee and milk that larger sizes will
  3. Barista’s can make these sizes faster and be quicker to serve your customers.
  4. Double wall coffe cups aren’t going to have your customers feeling like their hands are burning!

Hope that helps!