coffee under the nose

Your customers are inundated with advertisements. From the time they drive to work seeing billboards to the time they are done with their day and watching commercials on TV.  So, how can you possibly reach your customers when there is so much going on?

How Many Ads?

It is actually a debated number but many researchers believe we’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day in the 1970s to over 5,000 per day today.

Businesses today have to ensure not only that they are getting their marketing out but that it is actually getting seen! We need to ensure that not only is our message cutting through but that we’re using an advertising medium that people are going to notice and take note of for a period of time that will allow our marketing message to reach our desired audience.

Branded paper cups are used on a regular basis by businesses attending events and running marketing campaigns because they know their message and their branding is going to be held in their customers’ hand and held right under their nose for 10-15mins while they drink their coffee. There’s no way that their marketing is going to be missed.

Getting Noticed

Once you have achieved the first hurdle of getting noticed, here are a couple of things that would be handy keep in mind while you have your customer’s attention:

  • Give some good advice. Huffington Post writer Sari Gabbay suggests that helpful tips are always good marketing. If you can include a tip of some sort, people will be more likely to read the message on your takeaway paper cups.
  • ‘Photos rule’ is another inside tip from Sari Gabbay. Make sure to have an image or a photo on your cup to draw the attention of everyone around. Once you’ve got them looking, that’s half the battle won.
  • Word of mouth. Entrepreneur writer Kim T. Gordon discusses ‘grass roots advocacy’, in which people spread word of a product by word of mouth. Bringing coffee to their mouths will do the trick to get the ball rolling.
  • Keep utility in mind. Jansen White on Sage tells us that 69% of consumers will take a promotional product if they think that it is useful. Anything that holds coffee is obviously very useful.

Regardless of the number of ads people are exposed to, if they don’t see them or they haven’t been noticed – they haven’t worked. Location is everything, and what better place than right under your customers’ nose!

Are you ready to give your potential clients a useful ad right under their noses? Ready to use a medium that will get your message and branding undivided attention for the full 10-15 minutes your customer spends drinking their coffee and all the while exposing it to lots of other people as they move around the event?

Contact us today if you’d like more information on how custom coffee cups might be able to help get your message to cut through as part of your next event or marketing campaign.