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If you already know what promotional product you want to promote your business?  Who should you look for to supply your product?

You could choose to contact a ‘generalist’ promotions company that stocks thousands of different products – selling some of the products you want every now and then – OR – you could go with a ‘specialist’ company that only stocks that product?

Let’s have a look at why we think using a ‘specialist’ company for a promotional product could be the right decision for you and your business.

100% Focus

If the company you’re dealing with specialises in one product, they’re going to know that product inside and out.  All the specifications for the product are well known by everyone working at the company.  If you are interested in what options are available for that product, the specialist company is going to know what they are because they aren’t spreading themselves over hundred or thousands of products.  When you have questions, the company that has focused all its attention on a small range will have the answers.  Why?

Superior Experience

Let’s say you’re specifically looking for custom paper cups for your promotion or event, who do you think might be able to fulfill your order with the highest level of experience?  A company that fills over 1,000 orders a year for those products, or a company that may or may not have completed an order for cups in the past year, and is unfamiliar with the process?

Promotional companies that sell many different products can’t know everything about any one product.  They take the order, they fill the order, and if you have questions…

When you use a specialist company, they know what they are talking about because it is what they deal with every single day.  At MyPaperCups, because we deal exclusively with the production of custom paper cups, there aren’t any questions you can ask that we can’t answer.  We know our product forwards and backwards.

Superior Experience = Higher Quality

Because MyPaperCups does only produce custom paper cups and plain takeaway paper cups, we know from years of experience what affects quality and what to do to ensure that quality is guaranteed.  Making and delivering high quality custom printed paper cups is all we do, so our reputation regarding the production and delivery is constantly on the line.

This also means that if there is ever a quality issue, a specialist promotional company is going to take it seriously and make sure the issue is resolved.  We know what is possible and what design might need to be reworked so it will appear in the best possible way.  A general promotions company without direct experience may not have the experience to guarantee how your cups will appear.

Higher Quantity = Higher Savings

When the companies you deal with are offering a large range of products rather than focusing on one, they’re not going to achieve the same sort of cost efficiency that a specialist company that handles the production will.

If you’d like to contact us, we’d be glad to talk to you about how our focus and experience will mean a world of difference in your promotional paper cups ordering.