Where do I get an artwork template or assistance to complete my design?

You can access the templates and instructions via our Artwork Instructions & Templates page on our website.

What is the minimum no. Of paper cups I can order?

You can order from a minimum of 500 cups (per size and per design).

Can I get more than one design?

Yes. You can get more than one design but they are treated as two separate jobs. If you want 2000 cups in total but with two designs of 1000 each, you would be quoted for two jobs of 1000 cups.

How long does it take to get custom paper cups printed and delivered?

Orders of less than 10,000 cups can be ready for shipment from our factory within 7-10 working days. Orders of 10,000 or more cups will be ready for shipment within 3-4 weeks.

Do you offer a 'rush service'?

We do offer a rush service to get jobs out quicker but it is dependent on the capacity of the factory at the time and does incur a 25% rush fee on the price of the cups.

Where are the promotional paper cups made?

Our branded paper cups are made in our Brisbane factory.

Are the custom paper cups environmentally friendly?

All of our custom paper cups can be either commercially composted or recycled and all our paper is sourced from sustainable forest products. Please note that some local councils separate the cups for recylcing and some do not. More information can be found about this on our Environment page.

What sizes do the cups come in?

Our Australian made paper cups come in 8oz (240ml) and 12oz (360ml).

Can I get help with my design?

There is no additional cost for relatively simple design work, however we reserve the right to charge a fee of at least $150+GST if following the initial discussion we believe that what you’re looking for will be a more complex design.

How are the paper cups packaged?

The paper cups come in plastic sleeves of 25 and there are 20 sleeves per carton, ie. 500 paper cups per carton.

Do I need to order the same number of lids as paper cups?

No you don’t. Lids can be ordered in units of 500.

Can I get sample cups sent to me?

Yes. We are happy to send you out samples of previous cups we have manufactured and printed. Please just email us at info@mypapercups.com.au and provide your mailing address.

Can I get unbranded cups?

You can purchase unbranded cups via the online shop on our website.