Optimized coffee group

For many of us, we attend at least one if not many more corporate events and trade shows throughout the year for our companies. Upon getting to the event – myself, like soooo many others, are thinking about where I can get my first coffee of the day to be able to kick the event off in the right way. Once I’ve found the source, I join the line (which is never a short one but hey – it’s worth it), I grab my coffee, I take my first longing sip and start walking my way around the event checking everything out.

If you’re a coffee drinker, I’m thinking there’s a good chance you would have done this and if you’re not – I’m guessing you’ve seen the line ups for those people that are drinkers waiting for their brown beverage.

As a marketer at events and trade shows – here’s where this becomes a real opportunity for your business.

If you’re already going to a trade show or other large event, you know you need a way to get people interested. You also want to spread your logo as far and wide as you can to get a buzz started. The more people see your company name and logo, the better.

Think about using branded paper cups as your billboards.
Branded custom paper cups with your marketing message on them can become your mini-mobile billboards. Once they’re filled with coffee you’ll have people lining up for them and be more than willing to carry them around the entire event or trade show for you

Will People Want Your ‘Billboard’?
There is no other promotional material that will have people lining up to get them when you have a great coffee lined up to go in those promotional cups. While the other tradespeople are trying to hawk their wares, you’ll just be pouring coffee and discussing your company with the long line of people eagerly waiting to take your marketing message out to the rest of the show.

Optimized cup forwardWhat are the Advantages?
Takeaway paper cups are highly visible. For some reason, everyone looks at cups. Whether they are setting them down to look at something else or just wandering around holding them, everyone will see and notice those cups.

While others will hand out promotional materials that disappear right into people’s plastic bags and are buried, the promotional paper cups with your logo not only will be seen by the people who are carrying it around, but by those who see the cups being carried. Those people will start to look forward to getting their own cup of coffee, snowballing the effect.

Coffee, Anyone?
One thing you must do to make sure this promotional technique works well is to make sure you have good coffee on hand to serve. Most people at trade shows or other gatherings of a corporate nature like to drink a great coffee – the better the coffee the more likely you are to get people to talk about it, mention it to others, show them the cup (and your marketing) and point them in your direction.

You want the people who take your cups to enjoy their drink so they associate the pleasure they get from drinking the coffee with the logo found on that cup. People associate pleasure with the logos of coffee brands they like, and that linking of sensation with logo can carry over to you and your company.

No Hard Sell
While you can discuss your company with anyone who is interested, your branding will go forth anyway. There’s no need for you to hard sell anyone; you just need to hand them a cup of coffee.

Are you going to a trade show or other large event in the near future? Feel free to contact us so we can get your cups ready.