Red Cross Cookies promotional paper cupsWe’ve been helping the Red Cross Blood Service in Qld with some major campaigns in the last 12-18mths and we were lucky enough to catch up with both Stephanie Bell and Amanda Sims from the Blood Service to learn more about their campaigns and how they’ve been using the printed paper cups.


Q.  What is the overall objective of the campaign/event that the printed paper cups were used for?

We’ve been looking to generate interest and appointments from new blood donors visiting our mobileblood donor centres in various locations across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.  We found that printed paper cups with our simple call to actions were really effective in driving new donors into to donate blood for the first time.

Q.  What other advertising mediums have you used as part of the campaign/event?

To tie in with the cups, we placed posters up in local business, and used radio announcements and Facebook posts to get our message out there.

Australian Red Cross Blood ServiceQ.  Why and how were your branded paper cups used as part of the overall campaign/event?  

Paper coffee cups were distributed to the local coffee shops who agreed to use them, in the days prior to our mobile donor centre visiting each region. Our local teams approached coffee shops individually to ask for their support, and we found most coffee shops were more than happy to help. We found having the coffee cups in market 1-2 days before the visit had the most impact and allowed the mobile donor centre to act as an additional touch point to motivate booking an appointment.

The idea was to market to people who regularly visit the area (via their local coffee shop!) who maybe haven’t considering donating blood, or were unsure of where they could donate.

Red Cross Blood Amanda and Stephanie e1472097637409Q.  Based on your experience, what sort of businesses would you recommend might benefit from branded paper cups?

We believe the printed paper cups are really useful for business or organisations with a local focus. They’re great for use at events as well to achieve blanket marketing and to be able to get your message in a place that customers can’t miss.

We’re very proud to be able to help support the Red Cross Blood Service.  If you’d like to learn more about what they do, please head to their website –