When it comes to advertising a business or service, there are more choices than many of us can even conceive of.  Advertising is everywhere; across multiple platforms, multiple devices, and multiple different media streams. There’s no way of escaping advertising… or at least, there shouldn’t be.

The truth is, however, that despite the rise in the different methods of advertising, the process has actually become incredibly difficult to get right. Take, for example, the first ever online banner ad; over 40% of the people who saw that ad clicked on it. In 2018, the percentage of people who will click on a banner ad is less than one percent. It is a simple fact of human nature; the more advertising we are surrounded by, the less we actually see it.

cafe image 3So how can advertisers, business owners, and marketers counteract this? How can you stand out in a world where customers, and prospective customers, are becoming more and more prone to outright overlook even the most direct forms of advertising?

Simple: you use custom printed cups to advertise.

Okay, so that probably sounds like a bit of a leap, but bear with us— we can justify why custom printed cups are able to survive and thrive in one of the toughest times in advertising history…

#1 – Duration

Let’s say you spend a fortune on purchasing a TV advert. That advert will likely run for around 30 seconds, and then it’s gone, vanished from the public’s view until it next runs. You’ll usually have to spend a lot of money just for that 30 seconds.

With custom printed cups, however, your brand and coffee cup design is front and centre in the customer’s focus for at least 20 minutes— it is, quite simply, right under their nose. They will be handling the cups, drinking from them, and continually being reminded of the company or brand you’re seeking to advertise for the entire time it takes them to finish that drink. So what’s actually more valuable; a forgettable 30 second advert, or an entire 20 minutes of continual, gentle exposure?

#2 – No muting, ad-blocking, or other such methods

Consumers can block ads when they use the internet; they can mute or switch the channel when TV ads are played… but what can they do to block their view of the branding on custom printed cups? Nothing. The ad is there and if they want to use the cup, then they’re going to see it. What’s more, they’re not even going to mind, as the branding on custom printed cups is about as unobtrusive as it’s possible to be.

#3 – Usefulness

Finally, one of the major problems customers have with conventional advertisements is the fact they are useless. They serve a single purpose: to promote the company. The same cannot be said for custom printed cups, which have a genuine use, and are thus far more likely to be accepted by consumers.

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a method of advertising or marketing that can conquer even the difficult modern anti-ad attitude, then custom printed cups are clearly the perfect solution for you.  Speak to us today about our coffee cup printing business and how we might be able to help you today.