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If you’re running an event, custom paper cups can be the perfect promotional item to help you promote your brand, support your product launch or advertise your service.

Custom paper cups can be a highly effective advertising medium by themselves or as part of a multi-channel campaign.  Because takeaway coffee cups are often held in the consumers hand for 15-20mins the cut through on the message offers among the highest reader retention rates in advertising.

On top of that you get the added bonus of achieving a really positive brand perception through the coupling of your message with the consumption of a warm cup of coffee or tea.

The cups are traveling mini-billboards that are guaranteed to be held, seen and remembered while people move about the event or go from the coffee shop to the office, the train, the gym and everywhere in between – all the time reinforcing your company identity and/or advertising message.


Because disposable coffee cups are held in the customers’ hands for so long there is also a wonderful opportunity to print mobile QR codes on cups to encourage your customers to head to your website/landing page or enter competitions (and leave their contact details).


Whatever your event, we’re confident we can help you out.  Contact us today to see what we can do.

Custom Paper Cups - The Perfect Event Promotions Tool
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Custom Paper Cups - The Perfect Event Promotions Tool
Learn more about how custom paper cups can help get your brand more visibile and your message greater cut-through at your next event.
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Tess Cliff
09:55 07 Mar 19
Brilliant service, quick and friendly. Will definitely use again. Thanks for all your help.
StudentOne Marketing-Team
05:39 07 Mar 19
super fast and friendly service plus a great product. One more happy customer here!
Consult Australia
03:45 07 Mar 19
Very happy with the service that MyPaperCups provided. The cups were produced on time and delivered in a prompt time
Denzil H
04:09 28 Feb 19
Absolutely amazing service. Trouble free, safe, easy and friendly - i would recommend these guys every time. Very competitive, but also great quality products. Fast delivery and turn-around time. Don't waste your time or money with anyone else! :) Go MyPaperCups :)
Ahmad Ghaddar
07:05 27 Feb 19
Great service and on time. thank you for your help on a very short notice.
Arif Ongu
06:01 10 Dec 18
Excellent service. We we ordered the cups at the last minute and in spite of several changes we requested they arrived earlier than expected. Very happy.

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