What are Custom Coffee Cups?

Custom printed coffee cups can be a great way to help your business stand out at a marketing event. The cups are often used to provide hot or cold drinks at events to participants and provide a fantastic way to promote your brand. Custom takeaway cups can come in various sizes and designs, making them perfect for creating a unique branded image. With custom designs printed on the cup’s exterior, your business can stand out from its competition. Additionally, custom printed coffee cups are an effective way to generate interest in and recognition of your brand.

Advantages of Custom Printed Coffee Cups

Custom paper coffee cups at trade shows and marketing events can provide some great benefits for businesses.

  • You’ll have people lining up to grab your custom cups and walk them all over the trade show, promoting your business. They are like walking billboards -mobile advertising as attendees move around with cups displaying your brand.
  • Your custom brand sits right in front of them the whole time they are having their coffee – increasing the likelihood of ongoing brand recognition that makes a lasting impression.
  • Instant engagement – acts as an icebreaker, encouraging attendees to linger and converse at your booth.
  • Versatile design options – can be customized from simple logos to intricate designs or messages.
  • Stand out from the crowd – differentiates your booth from others, adding a unique touch to your presentation.
  • Potential customers associate your brand with one of their favourite (can’t live without) beverages – coffee.
  • Perfect for both hot beverages and cold beverages.
  • You can print any form of custom design in full colour on the paper cups.
  • The minimum order quantity is only 500 units.
  • You can get your custom coffee cups printed in just 7 business days – less if you place them as a rush order.
  • Choose from either recyclable or compostable eco friendly options.
  • Cost-effective marketing when compared to many other promotional tools, especially in bulk.
  • Standard sizes for the printed coffee cups are 8oz (240ml) (most popular), 12oz (480ml) and 16oz (360ml)

Tips for Using Branded Coffee Cups at Events

  • Get started on your coffee cup design early.
  • Ensure you have a design that is easily read and understood by attendees of the event.
  • Use the entire circumference of the cup to make the most of your cup design, promote your logo and make a lasting impression.
  • Match your style, design and colours with the rest of your promotional materials.
  • Hire a high quality mobile barista to provide some great drinks to go along with your custom cups.
  • Don’t under order the number of cups you need – nothing worse than running short but if you do have cups left over they can always be used at another event.
  • Don’t run the risk of leaving your order to the last minute and not be able to get your order in time for your event.

How to Place an Online Order

Head to our short video that clearly explains the easy ordering process step by step.

NOTE: We specialise in branded paper cups, not personalised mugs, a photo mug, a custom mug or anything to do with mug design – sorry!

Creating Artwork for Custom Paper Cups

There are two options here for you:
a) Use our templates and upload your design into them, or
b) Send us what you have and we can help do your design for you.

Check out the helpful videos for both options to help you determine which one will work for you and how each process works.

If you’d like to look further into placing an order for your business for some promotional double wall coffee cups – please feel free to give us a call or view our prices and order online.