Coffee Cup Advertising

Coffee Cup Adverting AdAre you looking for an innovative and effective way to market your business and promote your brand? Take a look around you on your morning commute, and what do you see? Coffee shops packed with customers, and numerous people sipping from paper cups on their way to work. If you want to drive your business forward, why not harness the power of coffee cup advertising?

The benefits of coffee cup advertising

Did you know that almost 50 percent of Australians drink coffee? In the world of business, it’s increasingly difficult to get noticed, and this is why innovation is key when it comes to putting a marketing campaign together.

You’ve tried fliers, you’ve got social media platforms on the go, so what next? Have you ever thought about using a customised paper coffee cup ad to market your company and extend the reach of your brand?

Consider the impact of handing out branded paper coffee cups at a business event or a trade fair, for example. Your stand will attract customers because who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a free coffee? In addition to this, once that customer is holding your cup, the brand logo is visible not only to them, but also to every person that passes them within the next 15-20 minutes, as they meander through the stands or hop from one conversation to the next. Your custom printed cup is a mobile marketing ploy, which could introduce any number of people to your brand. Coffee cup advertising is an effective way to get your brand name noticed, but it’s also a great way of forming a positive relationship between your company and something potential customers love. There are very few people that don’t like coffee, especially when it’s free! There’s also scope for word of mouth to make your stall or stand the place to be. If you spot somebody holding a cup of hot coffee, you’re going to want to know where you can get one too, and a domino effect ensues.

Using a coffee cup ad is not limited to events.

By using this marketing technique, you can position your product or your business within the daily routine of your target market. Research shows that 84% of coffee products purchased within the CBD are consumed at a desk. This provides a positive connection between your marketing message and the working day. Your brand name and logo are clearly visible, and you’re connecting with your audience during their coffee break, a time of day people look forward to and a period when they feel relaxed and content. Using custom printed cups is a unique opportunity to share this long-awaited period of downtime in a really engaging manner, which will set you apart from other companies and competitors.

We all know that most people love coffee. If you’re trying to drive sales and put your brand on the map, why not tap into the nation’s passion for coffee and start reaping the rewards of a coffee cup ad? A source in the European Journal of Social Psychology suggests that, “When presented with a message, a change in attitude is significantly more likely if the communication is combined with coffee”, and at MyPaperCups, we’re inclined to agree!

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