low cost advertising for startups

We’ve all been there. Not too many people visiting us an event and as a result sales are super slow.  And you keep asking yourself where you’ve gone wrong even though you know you’ve done your share of aggressively marketing your service or product.

There are many reasons why your advertising at events isn’t bringing you the customers that you want.

A.  You’re aren’t giving people a reason to come.
Ask yourself, why are people going to stop?  Why are people going to come and look for us at this event?  If you don’t know why and you haven’t got a clear and unique offering – they aren’t coming and they aren’t going to stop.

B.  You’re not promoting yourself all over the event.
Are you just marketing yourself in your booth?  How will the customers know where you are or if you are there at all without marketing yourself across the entire event?

C.  It’s harder to cut through these days
Today, with the plethora of avenues available for you to choose from, people are seeing advertising and marketing at events non-stop.  Ads are everywhere and getting yours to stand out can be really hard.

You need to be able to select the right advertising medium for the right audience and location.


Why We Believe Branded Coffee Cups Might Be Right For Your Next Event

  • By using takeaway coffee cups to advertise your brand, you get to be right under the noses of your target customers. They aren’t going to miss you there!  The cups are literally held in the customers hand, so you message is going to cut through the clutter of all the other advertising out there with no problem at all.
  • People love coffee. Offering free coffee will guarantee you a lot of visitors!
  • The cups act as mobile billboards making their way around the event with your branding across them – encouraging even more people to come and visit you for some free coffee.

If you’d like more information on how paper cup advertising might be able to benefit your business event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.